Over the last couple of decades I've worked as a DOP on a wide range of projects: commercials, music videos, films, TV drama, VFX, and documentaries (often in remote locations). Areas of special expertise are multi-camera shooting, and 3D. I hold a current O1 visa which covers all work in the USA.

Filming live concerts involves adapting complex theatrical light shows, and dealing with the logistics of large touring productions. I've been fortunate to work with many major artists, shooting on a wide range of digital, film & video formats. Translating this experience into other situations has been equally rewarding - for example on commercials featuring "flash-mob" & hidden-camera scenarios, and documentaries involving multiple camera units.

During the recent 3D boom I was involved with a number of groundbreaking stereoscopic projects - including a feature film with Cirque du Soleil (produced by James Cameron), an IMAX documentary "Running of the Bulls" in Pamplona (using prototype 3D camera systems), as well as many live concerts, commercials & music videos.

Many of the commercials & music videos I've filmed have also required VFX work - including high-speed, miniatures, time-lapse & greenscreen.

Although much of my work has involved technical or logistical challenges, my roots are in experimental film-making and art cinema.  So I'm always interested in creative independent projects.

For more detailed info, please browse the CREDITS section of this website. Individual clips are available for viewing online, and a list of credits can be downloaded below.


Born and raised in Zimbabwe. Moved to London and studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths and St. Martins, while playing in several post-punk bands. As a core member of industrial collective TEST DEPT, toured extensively in the UK, Europe and USA - creating multi-projector visuals for live music events using a combination of 16mm film & 35mm slides. A compilation of this early experimental work was released by Polygram as "Program for Progress". PC Press has recently released a book that chronicles this period: "Total State Machine". Other commissions included short films for the Arts Council, and several art gallery installation pieces.

Conventional film training followed, at the National Film & Television School. Wrote and directed several short films, shown at international festivals and on UK television (including commissions from the BBC & Arts Council). Developed & co-wrote several feature film scripts at this time.

Signed up as a director with State and then Medialab, making music videos for a number of bands including Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Charlatans, Urban Species & Bomb the Bass. Plus live concert films for Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, David Bowie, Neil Young, Massive Attack & Westlife.

As a music video director I was also shooting, lighting and editing most of my own work. Other directors started hiring me as a DOP, and I soon realised that being always behind the camera, was where I felt most at home. I decided to join the camera department full-time. Since then I've never looked back.