Equipment Hire

DOP’s personal equipment (wet hire only). Competitive rates on camera packages for music videos, independent features and short films, or 2nd unit photography on movies and commercials. Comprehensive selection of lenses, filters and accessories available.

35mm Cameras

sync (feature package)

arri BL4s kit (5-40fps, 144-180˚ shutter, super/std35)
includes 400’ & 1000’ mags, 12v batts (block/belt), colour FF video assist

mos (music/ commercials / 2nd unit packages)

arri 35-III (3rd gen. super/std 35, 4-130fps, 15-180˚ shutter)
kit includes: CE crystal base, 400’ & 1000’ mags, 12v batts, colour video assist (jurgens HH door)
time-lapse: Norris intervalometer & capping shutter

arri IIc HS (10-80fps CE crystal base, 10-165˚ shutter, PL mount)
kit includes 400’ & 200’ mags, 12v batts, colour video asst (jurgens HH door)
time-lapse: RD intervalometer, programmable controller, motor + capping shutter

arri IIc techniscope (2-perf cinemascope 2.35) - kit as above

35mm prime lenses

zeiss distagonT1.3 mkII: 18, 25, 35, 50, 85mm + 14mm pansheron
zeiss standard primes T2.1 mkII: 10mm, 100mm, 135mm
telephoto: nikon200mm T2.8, canon 300/600mm T2.8
macro: zeiss 40mm, optex/leica 60mm T2.8,  100mm T5.6

35mm zoom lenses

cooke 25-250mm T3.9 mkII
cooke 20-100mm T3.1 mk1

35mm anamorphic lenses

lomo anamorphic primes: 35, 50, 75 (T2.4), 100mm T2.8, 150mm T3.5
lomo anamorphic zoom 50-500mm T8
cooke/lomo anamorphic zoom 50-500mm T5.6
cooke/shiga anamorphic zoom 40-200mm T4.5


arri MB14, MB19, MB15 & MB17, LMB3 matteboxes
arri FF4 follow focus
microforce V+F2 zoom controlanamorphic viewfinder, arri 2c anamorphic door
full selection of filters (6.6”, 4”, PV)


HD: transvideo HDcine 12" (3Dview), astro 5" onboard LCD
SD: sony 9” col CRT, teletest wireless 7" LCD, sony DSRV10 clamshell (DVCAM)


fluid heads: o’connor 2575, ronford F7, ronford F4 & F15
arri/mitchell geared head
Ronford HD & MD tripods, hi hat
Cinekinetic sawed board dolly